"You got a friend in me." - Woody55_

Woody55_, AKA Ryan Woodall, is an 18 year old college student residing in West Des Moines, Iowa, all around great guy, and a friend of MondoBox. Approaching his second year of streaming, you can catch Woody55_ playing Fortnite daily on Twitch.  Also, be sure to check him out on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter too!

What is the earliest video game related memory you can recall?

Tecmo Bowl

What was your favorite game (or games) as a kid?

Sports games in general, but a couple series I loved a bunch was the earlier CODs, Skyrim, Borderlands, and the entire Uncharted Series. Uncharted 4 is probably my favorite game of all time.

What console did you get your start on?

Playstation, I’ve owned every version of the system.

What was it like transitioning from console to PC?

Definitely a bit more expensive lol, but games are so much smoother. The difference between playing Fortnite on PC versus console is night and day.

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Woody55_'s 5 Top 3's


1. Burgers

2. Wings

3. Steaks


1. Mountain Dew

2. Red Bull

3. GFuel


1. 42

2. Space Jam

3. Star Wars


1. Billy Joel

2. Post Malone

3. Khalid

Things to do Besides Gaming

1. Sports – whether it be attending events or playing myself. My baseball career is done but I still golf at about a 3 handicap.

2. Food. Love trying new places to eat at and enjoying a good meal with friends.

3. Board games with my family.

What’s your next purchase of gaming or streaming gear going to be?

I would say just general upgrades to my PC, but I think the next streaming specific equipment item would be a high quality camera.

Any gear out there that is "grail" status for you? If so, what?

TIn terms of equipment, not too much comes to mind. But I would say just having the ability to full customize a room dedicated to streaming. I’ve usually just had a setup in my bedroom, and having the ability to have an entire room dedicated to it would be amazing.

Do you plan to make a career out of gaming/streaming?

That’s the goal! Currently I am college getting a degree in Marketing, that I can not only get a job outside of gaming but also obtain knowledge that will help me grow my own brand. Being a Full Time streamer would be the dream.

What are your gaming/streaming goals for the next 12 months?

Twitch Partner, and sign with an org. I know those are probably pretty general answers, but that’s where I feel I am at. Outside of that though, just continue to build a positive community that can effect others in a positive way.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Probably living in the city of Chicago working for one of the sports teams their and also streaming. Hopefully, just be comfortable where my life is at that point, wherever the next 5 years take me.

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Woody55_'s Fortnite Dream Squad Dead or Alive


Jordan Fisher


Which streamers do you admire and why?


I‘ve watched Tim ever since I signed up for Twitch and started watching streams about 4 years ago. Whether he knows it or not, he has heavily impacted my journey as a streamer. My community pretty much stems from him, having being hosted by him twice and others that came my way, it all links to him. Not to mention he is truly a fantastic role model for all streamers. Freaking love the dude, and I hope I get to play/meet him someday.

Jordan Fisher: 

Back in July of this year I played Overwatch with Jordan and was introduced to one of the best communities anyone could ever ask for. Incredible role model, and just a great human being. Love ya Jordan


The things Lupo has done for charities like StJude is unreal. He is the guy every person should strive to be more like.


Tyler paved the way for so many streamers and changed the country’s view on gaming in general. He has had an impact on everyone on any streaming platform, and it would be disrespectful to not mention his name.

That's it! Thanks for your time Woody55_. Anything else you want to add or promote?

If you want to be apart of a close, yet rapidly growing community, stop by my channel. Every viewer is family.

Woody55_'s Streaming Schedule

I don’t have any set end times, I usually just stream for the rest of the day from the time I start.

Monday: 6pm est
Tuesday: 11am est
Wednesday: 6pm est
Thursday: 6pm est
Friday: 6pm est
Saturday: 12pm est
Sunday: This is my free day. More than likely will stream, but no set time.

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