Become a MondoBox Streamer & Earn Cash While Growing Your Audience

Earn Cash With MondoBox by Doing What You Already Do. Plus, We'll Send Loads of New Viewers to Your Channel!

Want to Earn Cash AND Grow Your Audience?

What Kind of Streamer is MondoBox Looking For?

We’re looking to partner with true gamers that understand what platforms like Twitch are built for; being yourself while having fun doing what you love.

You don’t need a zillion subscribers or followers, we want consistent streamers with engaging personalities, a good vibe, and a loyal audience.
If you think that MondoBox sounds cool, read on or apply now!

What Will I Have to do & What Will I get in Return?

​Basically you will help us spread the word about MondoBox through social media and other ways.

In return, besides cold hard CASH, MondoBox will publicize your channel to our entire audience via in-game messaging, social media, and our website. You’re awesome, so we’re confident you’ll get plenty of new viewers and subscribers.

But wait, there’s more! MondoBox Partners that really excel at the program will get bonus cash payouts, an opportunity to join our Advisory Board, a chance for all-expenses-paid travel to gamer events like TwitchCon, and even an ownership share in MondoBox!

Once you apply, we will check out your channel to make sure you’re a good fit. Next,  we’ll map out for you the base responsibilities (and pay) of the Program and an associated timeline for completing each tasks. It’s super easy to start earning cash with MondoBox!

After enrollment, you will get a  list of  Partner responsibilities that will feature your base pay for each task (e.g. mentioning MondoBox during a stream).  Here’s where it gets extra fun; you can publicize your unique referral link how you see fit and you will receive even more cash for each new player! 

There will also be even more ways to earn, like a cash bonus for most successful MondoBox Partner! 


We view the MondoBox Partner program as an ongoing relationship, where support will be instrumental to your success. Rest assured, we will guide you through the entire process to ensure you get the most (cash) out of the Partner Program. Plus, you can contact us anytime via email, chat, or our private MondoBox Partner Discord channel.

You will be paid directly via PayPal. Just shoot us a message and we’ll transfer it over ASAP.!

Absolutely! If you know another streamer cool as you, feel free to let us know. You can do that either when you accept your invite or via the “Contact Us” button below. Thanks!

Yes, you can leave the Partner Program at anytime and you will still be paid anything due after you leave. It’s a win-win!



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