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Yes! MondoBox is free to play. Our Advertisers and Sponsors fund the cash prizes that we pay out to you. In the future you’ll be able to buy some of our powerups, but you don’t need them to play the game. So try it out!

It’s easy to win at MondoBox. Just create an account, log in when we’re streaming a Round, and answer the questions we ask you.

When you get an answer right, you score points and your name will be shown in the Round Standings window.  The more questions you answer correctly, the higher your score will be.

At the end of the day, the players with the highest scores will be awarded cash money directly into their accounts.  You can withdraw this money via PayPal when your account balance reaches $25.

We pay out daily, weekly, and monthly cash prizes.  The monthly prizes are the biggest. So play often to win more!

All players are awarded 3 lives at the beginning of every day. Every time you answer a prediction incorrectly or fail to answer within the 10 second time limit, you lose 1 life.  

The maximum number of lives any player can have is 3. 

Upon losing all 3 lives, a player can no longer answer predictions. To continue playing, the player will be required to get extra lives by:

  • Taking a survey,
  • Watching a video ad,
  • or purchasing Lives (coming soon).

Special Power-Ups exist that can be used to extend gameplay. See Power-Ups for additional information.

Every match a streamer plays is what we call a  MondoBox Round. During the Round, you can see how you’re doing versus everyone else by checking the Round Standings window. At the end of the Round, we tally up the points and update the Daily Leaderboard.

There are Daily, Weekly and Monthly Leaderboards. 

Daily Leaderboards:

Every day at midnight PST, the daily leaderboard pays pays out cash prizes to all players based on their rank and the payout amount.

Weekly Leaderboards:

Every Sunday at midnight PST, the weekly leaderboard pays pays out cash prizes to all players based on their rank and the payout amount.

Monthly Leaderboards:

On the last calendar day at midnight PST, the monthly leaderboard pays pays out cash prizes to all players based on their rank and the payout amount.

A Note About Power-Ups

When you earn or purchase Power-Ups, they will automatically be added to your MondoBox account.  You can look at your profile and check the balance of any Power-Ups you have.  Power-Ups can only be invoked during an active Round.

Round Multiplier

You can use the mighty Round Multiplier to get to the top of the leaderboards. When invoked, your score for that round will be multiplied by x2.  It can be used at any time during the round, so use it to crush your opponents at the most opportune moment.  Because it is so powerful, you can only earn the Round Multiplier by playing for 10 days in a row.    

Round Invincibility

This is a potent one! When you activate it, you won’t lose any more lives, even if you answer a question wrong. It lasts an entire Round. You can collect a bunch of these and can see them in your account profile.

Free Life

The Free Life is just that: it will give you a free life. Since you can only have a maximum of 3 lives, this one can only be used when you have 2 or fewer lives remaining.


This Power-Up marks your last incorrect answer as correct.  Make sure to use it before the end of the Round. When you use a Do-Over, you get the points for your incorrect answer, but you still lose a life. Sorry, Pal.

Power-Ups can be earned in various ways (and soon, you’ll be able to be purchase them).

Round Multiplier – Play 10 days in a row to earn one of these bad boys.

Round Invincibility – Everybody gets one of these Power-Ups to start.  Want more? Invite a friend to play, after your friend plays their first round, you’ll both be granted the Round Invincibility Power-Up.

Free Life – There are plenty of ways to earn this one.  Get one for every 3rd day of consecutive play.  Get another for every 10th day of play (so you’d get one on days 3, 6, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 21, etc…) You also get a Free Life every time you end up at the top of the Round Standings window.

Do-Over – This one’s pretty easy to get.  Just play 5 Rounds in a row, or play with your friend. For every Round you and your friend play together, we’ll give you a Do-Over.

Your account balance is shown in your player profile. You can use this balance to purchase Powerups or you can cash it out. You must have at least $25 in your account to cash out. Once you have $25 or more in your account, you can make a withdrawal request.  You need a valid PayPal account to cash out.  Once your put in the request, we’ll process it within 24-48 hours.


Your withdrawal may take up to three (3) BUSINESS days to process, starting from the date that your request is CONFIRMED by an admin.


• We do not process withdrawals on holidays and weekends.


• Withdrawal requests made after 4PM PDT WILL NOT be confirmed until the next business day.


If you would like next business day processing for your withdrawal, do the following and let a MondoBox admin know you have completed:


1. Follow MondoBox on Twitter/PlayMondoBox, Instagram/playmondobox, and Facebook/PlayMondoBox. If you have already done this, please move on to #2.


2. Make a social media post featuring your referral link (you get $1 for everyone that signs up and plays), and “@” MondoBox. For example: “Compete against me for cash prizes on @playmonodobox www. yourreferrallink. com” Or, a screenshot or clip of the MondoBox app.


If you didn’t find the answer to your question above, please reach out to us on Discord.  We’re pretty much always there.  You can also see the official rules, here: https://mondobox.com/rules/

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