The MondoBox platform enables you to test your campaign goals with a cross section of esports and gaming enthusiasts from all the major streaming platforms. Once you’re happy with the results, easily scale your campaigns by with the MondoBox streamer network.

A New Definition of Native Advertising

Bringing traditional ad units, influencer marketing and incentivized product placement together in an engaging game show format

Platform Agnostic

The network of networks – an audience that spans Twitch, Mixer, Youtube and Facebook.

Any Game

As long as the game is played and streamed, a game show can be created and an audience can be engaged.


Leaderboards are fully customizable to allow brands to give away any number of prizes.

Fully Managed

The administration of the leaderboards and game shows are fully managed and administered by MondoBox.

Brand Value

Brands promote their products directly to the audience for a new type of brand engagement.

Influencer Network

MondoBox streamers, the game show MCs, openly speak about your product both during and outside of the game show.

Advertising, Sponsorships and Influencers

Mondobox provides cross platform advertising opportunities to reach an activated and engaged audience

OTT Video Ads

Incentivized video ads drive in-game lives and other in-game currencies.

Leaderboard Sponsorship

Sponsor a leaderboard and give away product, discounts and more.

Influencer Engagement

Our partnered streamers will take your product back to their streams and tout it.

Complete Takeover

Take over the entire app with complete sponsorship of all leaderboards.

The Network of Networks

We network all streaming networks

Our proprietary engagement platform enables audience participation independent of the streamer’s and player’s streaming platform.


Sponsor MondoBox Game Shows.
Hire the Best Influencers.

MondoBox has the only aggregated tv-like audience that is competing to win your products. With MondoBox you can save time and drive the results you need with ease. Join our list see it in action.